Bio-alcohol stove

Bio-alcohol stove

Bio-alcohol stove can completely replace the traditional energy deficiencies. The environmental performance of bio-alcohol stove is one of the conditions to achieve sustainable energy development.
Bio-alcohol oil can also coke as alcohol-based fuel, as a new type of energy-saving fuel, safety, alcohol-based fuel formula and use we know:
1, colorless, odorless, easy storage, easy to fire and explosion;
2, the flame can also be drenched with water;
3, energy saving, cost savings is the alcohol-based fuel market competitiveness of the main factors;
4, a suitable formula to make it completely burning;
5, high calorific value, no residue, no smell, no smoke, suitable for higher requirements.
Bio-alcohol stove with a wide range of uses, the characteristics of the fuel itself determines the wide use of bio-alcohol oil, the product is suitable for hotels, hotel schools, restaurants, night markets and other places to facilitate energy-saving effect.

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