Fuel cooker

Fuel cooker

Fuel stove is a dual-fuel stove, alcohol-based fuel as the main raw material is widely used in large and medium-sized restaurants, food stalls, hotels single fried stove, with less material, fierce fire, the fire is far higher In the coal fierce stove, and environmental protection and energy advantages, is the vast majority of diet Korea ideal fuel stove.
The advantages of fuel cooker:
1, kitchen surface impact resistance, high strength, safe and easy to clean;
2, high-power heating coil materials used sophisticated, well-designed, long service life;
3, fierce fire, high flame, powerful and fierce, of course, the size can be adjusted;
4, safe and clean, low-pressure furnace burning, will not be so easily leaked, there is no open flame, to avoid fire accidents, exhaust emissions, cleanliness;
5, durable, reinforced durable and high temperature;
6, low noise, complete combustion, exhaust color and odor exhaust, less preheating.

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