Fuel cooker manufacturers

Fuel cooker manufacturers

Fuel cooker is a kind of green energy. Compared with coal, heavy oil, coal tar, gasoline and diesel fuel, its fuel burns more thoroughly, its heat transfer efficiency is higher, its discharge is mainly water and carbon dioxide, and it is cleaner in the future , Environmental protection, the potential for development of fuel.
Features of fuel cooker:
1, strong firepower, high calorie, good taste of cooking;
2, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the temperature of the kitchen, improve the working environment of the kitchen environment;
3, full combustion, no carbon deposition, smoke-free, do not burn black wok;
4, intelligent CNC, safe and stable, no security risks;
5, carbon monoxide emissions close to zero, improve chef health status;
6, energy efficient, easy to use more durable!
Fuel cooker is widely used in hotels, canteens, food stalls, fast food restaurants stoves, with less material, fierce fire, fuel economy, affordable, easy maintenance and so on!

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