Methanol fuel cooker

Methanol fuel cooker

Product Name: Methanol fuel stove
Product advantages:

1, this fuel high calorie, low prices, the cost is very low;
2, clean, no smell, no black smoke, no carbon deposition, no residue, more than 80% lower than the emissions of liquefied gas;
3, the use of safe, reliable, easy to use, no cylinder transport, ordinary Tietong or plastic barrels can be;
4, no open fire is not easy to ignite, will not cause danger, will not lead to poisoning due to leaks;
5, high oxygen content of methanol fuel, full combustion, not too dark, no residual residue, is a veritable clean fuel.
The use of methanol fuel stove, can effectively protect the environment, is a veritable clean fuel, in the promotion of the place by the industry.
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