Methanol stove manufacturers

Methanol stove manufacturers

Methanol stove manufacturers introduced its performance characteristics:
1, structure: high-grade stainless steel furnace with noodles, seamless integration of the panel design;
2, energy-saving: more than the traditional gas, coal, diesel and other sections Well, the 40-75%;
3, environmental protection: in line with national environmental requirements, can meet the requirements of the government, while improving their own company's influence;
4, work: with fire regulation, easy and simple, electromagnetic heating, firepower, fast;
5, security: with security settings, more secure and reliable performance, with overheating protection, prevent burning dry pot, safe and worry;
6, save time and effort peace of mind: a dozen have fire, labor-saving, more vigorous firepower, save time and worry, do not worry for the ignition.
Methanol stove range of applications:
1, food and beverage: Chinese restaurant, restaurant ,; restaurant, restaurant, food stalls;
2, food processing: fried, fried, fried, t, steamed, etc .;
3, canteen units: school restaurants, factory canteens, hotels, hotels, canteens, factories and mines enterprises.

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