Alcohol-based cooker manufacturers

Alcohol-based cooker manufacturers

Alcohol-based stove with maintenance-free cast iron furnace, fierce fire, complete combustion, easy to clean stainless steel countertops and other characteristics.
Alcohol-based cooking appliances features:
1, kitchen surface impact resistance, high strength, safe and easy to clean;
2, safe and clean: stainless steel countertops easy to clean;
3, fierce fire: high flame temperature, force and fierce;
4, maintenance-free cast iron thickened cooker, more durable;
5, safety: low-pressure furnace burning, not easy to leak;
6, durable: the main piece of cloth with a pair of steel, cast iron machine copper support, durable and high temperature;
7, uniform firepower: heating the firepower to increase the size and distribution of the average, very suitable for cooking chef.
Alcohol-based cooking precautions:
1, the material box away from the fire;
2, frequent inspection, maintenance of material pipes, to avoid leakage;
3, the material should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, prohibit the fireworks, prohibit inversion, prohibit collision.

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